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Side Effects of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Most men think that the thickness and length of the penis are important in their sex life. For this reasonü, men who think their penis is under the average size are considering penis enlargement surgery.

However, although penis enlargement surgeries are successfully performed today, penis enlargement surgeries have many risks and side effects. In this post, we are going to look at what are the side effects of penis enlargement surgery.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine study, penis enlargement can have serious side effects, and men who want to undergo any procedure should be aware of these complications. While not all men experience complications, some outcomes are harsh.

For Instance, items in silicone injections can damage nerves and blood vessels. This can be leading to poor penis sensation or erectile dysfunction. Men who have these injections may also see swelling and can see the shift of the position of the penis. Other complications can include infection, abscesses, or nodules beneath the skin, gangrene, and erectile dysfunction (ED).

There is one thing that should not be forgotten for those considering penis enlargement surgery is that; Most doctors recommend surgery for people with erections smaller than 7cm. If you are in this situation you can consider penis enlargement surgery otherwise, you have an average size of the penis so, there is no need to undergo penis enlargement surgery.

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