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Saggy Penis After Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is probably among the cosmetic procedures which people hesitate to undergo the most. It is true that letting a surgeon perform surgical cuts on your penis seems like a total horror to most people. There are millions of photos taken during penis enlargement surgeries on the internet and people who consider such procedures see them every day.

Seeing such graphic pictures may increase the anxiety among men, however, these procedures really promise a good amount of success after the surgery. No matter how good these cosmetic procedures are, some complications may be inevitable. For example, saggy skin after penis enlargement surgery is one of these complications. It’s not common but it does happen…

It is true that some patients may suffer from annoying side effects like loss of sensation or saggy penis situation. Loss of sensation is so common because your penis tissue may need some time to adapt the planted skin piece on it. As you know, during a standard penis enlargement surgery, a considerably big skin piece is removed from one of your arms or legs and planted on the penis size.

A saggy penis is not so common but it can be a really serious problem. If it’s caused by an erection problem, you should see your doctor immediately. Erection problems mostly occur after penis extension surgery because this kind of cosmetic surgery involves invasive cuts and adds inside the penis structure. It is really a complicated surgery, unlike the penis enlargement surgery.

If your penis still looks saggy after the early days of recovery, you need to take this really serious because you can’t afford a severe complication or a penis enlargement surgery failure.

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