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Penis Size Enlargement

All men who claim that they are okay with the size of their penis are liars. Penis size is something like hair loss. Those who are obsessed with their thinning hair can not get rid of this problem unless they’ve found a permanent solution to it. Penis size may bring some psychological problems if you do not take some actions to achieve some girth or length. Penis size enlargement can be done in several ways, especially the stretching exercises are the most common way to make the penis look longer. Stretching jobs are aimed to create microtears on the skin of the penis. These tears are supposed to heal up after some time but the stretched penis skin is expected to remains in that size.

However, all these penis enlargement methods and penis extension surgeries have a risk of failure. Especially penis stretching exercises should be done for at least 6 months to achieve some success. However, most candidates claim that the penis size returns to normal after they stop executing these stretching exercise plans. Penile augmentation procedures are very famous in the aesthetic industry. Fat cells that were extracted from a patient’s body are injected under the skin of the penis making it girthier. This procedure is considered one of the safest invasive penis enlargement procedures. However, if the person’s overall weight changes too often, the penis may lose it’s girthier look after some time.

Is Penis Extension Surgery Safe?

You do not mind the graphic photos that are taken during penis extension surgeries, it’s an invasive aesthetic procedure after all. Besides, you would not want to see how a rhinoplasty procedure is performed… Penis extension surgery is completely safe because no surgeon would ever risk both his and his patient’s life with a procedure that he can’t perform.

However, there could be some complications, but they are mostly associated with the anesthetic administration. You must be eligible for anesthetic administration if you want to undergo such aesthetic procedures.

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