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Penile Augmentation Facts

Penile augmentation or penile girth augmentation is the procedure in which fat cells are extracted from several parts of the body of a person and injected under the skin of the penis of the same person. People who are considered carrying a micropenis are the number one candidates of penile augmentation procedures. However, there are numerous urban legends about penile augmentation procedures. When it comes to seeking of aesthetic world, the number of people who lie about everything is so big. We would like to tell you some information about penile augmentation facts in our post.

Penile augmentation is not like the traditional invasive penis extension surgery. The traditional penis extension surgery involves the cutting of the connective tissue under the skin of the penis. After that, the surgeon makes adds and cuts on the skin and the connective tissue beneath. This procedure is highly invasive and requires long recovery time. The risk of complications is also high and the patients are not expected to have sex during the first month of the recovery.

However, when it comes to penile augmentation procedure, it is one of the lightest and least complicated aesthetic procedures ever. The procedure itself gives one of the best results after the surgery, but there may be some unforeseen consequences if candidates do not meet some requirements needed for the procedure.

Fat Injection Into Penis: Is It Safe?

If you have a good health condition and do not have serious diseases you are more likely to be eligible for penile augmentation procedure. If you have chronic diseases like cancer or diabetes, you will be definitely refused by your surgeon. The main reason for this is most people may get trouble with the anesthetics given during the procedure.

Penile fat injection is not a permanent solution to your situation. This means that your penis may return to its previous shape because of some reason. The main reason for this is losing a considerable amount of weight. Sudden and big changes in weight may fat cells to move to other places inside the body.

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