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Micropenis Facts

The number of people living with micropenises is very high, however, the number of those who think that they live with micropenises is more than that. It is a fact that most people are not okay with the size of their penises, however, this does not mean that all of these people have micropenises. Some people just want more and are never okay with anything which is considered ” enough “. This is actually one of the most important micropenis facts.

There are millions of different types of so-called penis enlargement and extension products. 99% of them haven’t been approved by any medical community including the FDA. People who think that they have micropenises are also those who spend thousands of dollars on these products. When people take a look at the advertisements and see the before and after photos of some people, they mostly believe their so-called success.

However, there are even aesthetic clinics that lie about their patients and use photos of different people in the same photo. People try to rob other people by offering a bigger size in the future and make them buy their products. Most liers are those who sell their so-called penis enlargement and extension pills, lotions, and creams.

It is a fact that penis size can be increased with stretching exercises. This is the only natural way that is successful in increasing the length of a penis. However, it may not work on every type of penis. Penis stretching exercises aim to create micro-tears on penis skin and structure. These microtears are expected to heal up after some time. The increased penis size is also supposed to remain the same after these microtears healed up.

There are some people on the internet who claim that penises smaller than 6 inches are micropenises. The common thought says that it’s 5 inches, however, there are some people who prefer to give wrong information about micropenis measurements just to be able to sell their useless products more.

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