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Do Penis Pumps work?

There are billions of penis enlargement and extension methods for sure. However, almost none of them have been approved by most medical communities. For example, there are invasive penis enlargement and penis extension procedures but none of them have been approved by the FDA yet. So, the number of those who focus on non-invasive penis extension and penis enlargement methods is higher than surgery thinkers.

For example, a penis pumper is a tool with a tank in which you put your penis inside. The tool keeps your penis erected in there without your control. It aims to increase the length of your penis by keeping erected there. So, do penis pumps work? Is it really successful as it’s told? Let’s take a look.

According to some experts, penis pumpers should be used for 45 min every day if the users want to see some real success. This means that your penis should stay erected for 45 minutes inside the penis pumper’s tank every day . It can be a very hard and annoying thing as well to do such a thing every day but it’s how it is after all.

There is no scientific evidence that the penis pumper really works. There are both people who claim they achieved some success and those who failed to achieve anything. However, forcing your penis to stay for 45 min in the erected state may be so dangerous.

Your penis has a working principle, it erects when your hormones start working. However, such forcing to keep your penis erected may cause erection problems and irregularities. It is not clear that such tools are really safe to use. Considering that there are also people whose penis size returned to normal after quitting the use of penis pumpers. So, it’s mostly up to you, you can use them at your own risk.

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