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Penis Enlargement Surgery After COVID-19 Infection

There are millions of people who consider getting penis enlargement surgery because they think they have micropenises. It is a fact that penis enlargement surgeries of today are quite better than those of the past. However, penis enlargement surgery after COVID-19 infection could be a bit risky because no one can be so sure if the virus has completely gone or not.

Penis enlargement surgery is performed to increase the width of a penis. The procedure is quite invasive and leaves a big scar on the donor area of the patients. A big skin piece is removed from a designated donor area ( an arm or leg ) and implanted on the penis skin. The procedure is actually safer than ever these days, however, since it’s still an invasive procedure, complications are almost inevitable after the surgery.

COVID-19, the disease caused by Coronavirus infection has shattered the financial and social stability of the world. The especially medical world has been badly affected because of the worldwide spread of the virus. Health tourism, which has been the number one tourism industry for recent years, has also taken a big hit from the COVID-19 crisis.

So, what if you get infected by Coronavirus and want to undergo a penis enlargement surgery after recovery? Is it risky? Is it really worth it? How can you be so sure that you’ve completely got rid of the virus? Let’s make a discussion here.

First, even if you’re sure that you do not have the virus anymore, it is still risky because your body is still healing. You can’t be so sure what damage Coronavirus has caused on your body and it’s not worth the risk to undergo an invasive procedure like a penis enlargement surgery right after recovery from COVID-19. Wait for some time and check your status with COVID-19 test kits one or two times more.

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